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Send us a photo of you installing our product and you will receive a small gift! AUDI A6 I was offered an automatic system to protect my car from a possible fire. I travel a lot and have seen cars on the road in flames, which is... more all

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These pages are a presentation of our revolutionary automatic extinguishing systems PROTENG (FM200) and ELIDE FIRE

On this website you will learn all the information about the very simple principle of operation of the equipment and the possibilities of their use. This information is intended not only for experts, but for all who are interested in actively protecting not only your property, but also your lives.

Statistics show an alarming discovery!

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Statistics for fires

Statistics for fires
  • Approximately 1,820 fire break-outs in traffic – with a cost of 10034 415.88 euros
  • About 3,000 fires in buildings, of which 1,627 were in family houses- total damage: 8826 491.63 euros
Source: Statistical Yearbook of the Fire Brigade of the Czech Republic (download)
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ELIDE FIRE NOVINKA Elide Fire je vytvořen tak, aby se zmírnil nebo zcela zastavil...
PROTENG ELECTRO NOVINKA Revolutionary New - automatic gas fire extinguishing system...
PROTENG ENGINE NOVINKA Revolutionary New - automatic gas fire extinguishing system...
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